Bigg Boss Season 12 Launch in Goa – Bigg Boss 12 Episode 1

Bigg Boss Season 12 Launch – Bigg Boss 12 Episode 1: Be prepared for the Big Boss’s Tehelka. Salman Khan has a curtain on the mystery of Bigg Boss 12 in Goa. Salman Khan has entered the boat for the press conference and enters the boat.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Launch Event in Goa

Bigg Boss Season 12 Launch

Get ready for the Big Boss’s Tehelka. Salman Khan has screened the secret of Bigg Boss 12 in Goa. Salman Khan enters the boat for the Big Boss’s press conference and marches his fans present there. Khan appeared in this event very well and he gave a lot of fun to answer the questions of the press.

Salman Khan also gave information about the participants in the Big Boss and when asked about Colors Channel about their fees, they were cut off very cleverly from this question.

Salman has announced the first pair of Big Boss 12. In the Big Boss 12, Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Leungchia will be seen. So far, many people were discussing the arrival of Big Boss, but it is now clear that Comedian Bharti Singh is coming home with her husband. It has often been seen that people who shout out of the house show different faces as they come inside the house. It is to see that Bharati Singh will appear in that form.

Big Boss 12 is going to be quite bogus because this is the concept of bizarre couples. The Big Boss is going to start on September 16.

The Big Boss 12 will arrive every Monday from 10:30 p.m. on Friday and it will be 9 pm on Saturdays. In which the members of the house are scheduled to attend.

Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan Launches Pair of Peon and Madam

There is good news for Bigg Boss fans. The promos of Bigg Boss 12 have begun to come, and Salman Khan, the popular host of Big Boss, has started showing his predictions. The theme of ‘Big Boss 12’ is bizarre junkies, and Salman Khan is making an audience with the bizarre couples in every promo. The third promo of ‘Bigg Boss 12’ has come up, and it’s a bizarre pair of Peon and Madam. Peon is sarcasm, so Madam is a dacoit. These promos of ‘Big Boss 12’ are really interesting.

The specialty of ‘Big Boss 12’ will be its bizarre couples this time, from which movie stars to Commoner will be seen. According to sources, Commoner and Stars will come in pairs and there will be many stars who will come alone. This time the concept of the pair of Big Boss is going to be very interesting. Anyway, Salman Khan seems to be having fun in the promo. Attempts have been made to make a tremendous show through the pairs.

Bigg Boss 12 also has news about the arrival of Danny D and Indian actress Mehika Sharma as a pair of porn stars. It is being told that this hot couple will get bigger fees in Big Boss’s house. Sources say that the couple has to pay around Rs. 95 lakh per week. You will meet, that is, what are the rumours both in this house with this high fee, it will also be interesting. It is being told that ‘Bigg Boss 12’ is going to start on September 16. Anyway, Big Boss fans are eagerly awaiting its new season throughout the year.

Bigg Boss 12 Promo Salman Khan Vichitra Jodis Teaser Release – Bigg Boss Season 12

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