How to Win Google Pay 1 Lakh Offer | Tez New Anniversary Offer

How to Win Google Pay 1 Lakh Offer | Tez New Anniversary Offer

How to Win Google Pay 1 Lakh Offer | Tez New Anniversary Offer – Google is holding its hold in digital payment platform in India. The company has recently integrated its Google Tez app into Google Pay, although for some time it is still listed as Tez on Google Play Store. This app allows users to link a bank account and make digital payments on UPI created by National Payments Corporation of India.

How to Win Google Pay 1 Lakh Offer | Tez New Anniversary Offer

Google is now promoting Google Pay with many great awards and rewards, in which it gives some lucky users an opportunity to win a prize of up to Rs 100,000 on sending money through Google Pay. However, there are some conditions that you can fall down. Learn how you can win up to 100,000 rewards.

Google Pay: You could get a reward of up to Rs 1,00,000 on transacting

How to Win Google Pay 1 Lakh Offer | Tez New Anniversary Offer

At least five transactions

To get the reward, users will have to use at least five transactions by using Google Pay till 9 am on September 18. This offer is valid only on some types of transactions, in which P2P and cash mode transaction to other Google users, payment on other bank accounts, payment to the merchant by using cash mode, payment to merchant’s bank account and Google Tez UPI ID Use is included in payment.

Reward includes Rs 5 to Rs 100,000

According to Google Pay Offers, there are total 5 million rewards on offer, so it seems that any person completing the term of the award offer can definitely win any kind of reward. Although there can be anything between Rs 5 to Rs 100,000 for the reward, so only some lucky users can get a chance to win the full amount. Apart from this, Google Pay is also offering an instant loan scheme for which he is tie-ups with banks. This gives fast access to users and direct access to EG access through the app through the app.

Google has increased its focus on making solutions for India, which it can take in other countries of the world as well. Internet sector giant American company launches Instant Loan facility for its customers through partner banks on Google’s fast app. The Google Rapid App launched by the company’s new name on Google Pay.

Tez New Scratchcard Tez to Google Pay update Ttez new anniversary 1 lakh offer

To give a loan, Google will join hands with four big banks HDFC, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Federal Bank. Customers will be given a pre-approved loan. Its process will be completed in a few seconds. The loan amount will be credited directly to their bank account. The company can also use the model of this app for other countries.

In the Google for India program organized in New Delhi on Tuesday, Company Next Billion Users Initiative and Payments Vice President, Cesar Sengupta said, “The future of the internet is still visible in India. The country is truly motivating the world. ‘

Sengupta said that when Google creates solutions for India, it is taken to other markets. He said, “Many countries of the world have asked us to bring our digital payments to our country. So we have launched ‘Sharp’ with the new name of Google Pay. ‘

Let us know that 5.5 million people in the country have downloaded Google’s payment app. It is used only for buying bus tickets, paying restaurant bills and sending money to friends.

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