PUBG vs Fortnite Review Which one is a better Game for you?

PUBG vs Fortnite Review

PUBG vs Fortnite Review – At the end of 2017 it was quite clear that ‘War Royale’ was the game genre of this moment, the Battlefield of Fortnite Battle Royale and Player Unknown are the most popular games in that genre.

Now 2018 is going well, we are only looking at the popularity and scope of both the titles, but which game is best for you?

PUBG vs Fortnite Review Which one is a better Game

The player was the first of two games in the battlefield of the unknown, and it was taken from the PC gaming and streaming world to the storm. Its growth is not surprising, and at the end of 2017, it was proud of an Xbox One port and 3 million concurrent players.

Of course, any fan of the Battle Royale Games knows that you will not be alone for a long time, and soon the Pubg competition has emerged as the Fornite of the epic games. This has proved to be a tough competition with similar gameplay, and last month alone it has increased its player base to an incredible 10 million.

And so the battle of the Battle Royals Royale continues.

On the surface, Fortnite vs PUBG share many similarities, but they have important differences in the content and style that they feel particularly special to play.

To help you decide on which game is best for you now, we’ve compared the different offerings of Fortnite vs PUBG below. What will be the last game standing?

PUBG vs Fortnite Graphics

Pubg and Fortnite are both war games with similar mechanics, but when it comes to scenes they are very different. Whatever you find is better, however, it is largely for personal preference.

While PUBG goes for a grunting militarism that feels more realistic, headings such as Fortnite Overwatch have a lot of colour and cartoonish in the veins. It really is down to you that you like to play in the world.

PUBG vs Fortnite Maps

First things: PUBG maps are bigger than Fortnite.

But bigger is not always better, and both games are positive and negative for the map.

Due to being so big, PUBG requires vehicles for traversal, especially if you are lucky enough to reach far from the safe area. Unfortunately, the use of vehicles is used to attract the attention of other players, so if you are forced to use one, then filling a PUBG map can sometimes be felt like a stress dash which you Some will leave to reach deodorant.

A small map of Fornit means that you have less space to play but it is very easy to traverse, and the matches are too short.

One big plus in favour of PUBG is that it provides two maps – Orange and Miramar. And in 2018 two small people are coming later. The map you play is random, but here diversity holds interesting and forces the players to stay on their toes.

PUBG vs Fortnite Review

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However, it is worth noting that Fortnite has recently received an update which adds five new locations to its map. These new locations are up to scenes of the city built with underground mines, and these forces take different perspectives to combat the players’ thanks to their different layouts.

Then, each game takes a different view to offer variety. While PUBG likes to select large personalized maps, Fortnite has decided to expand and improve its existing map. However, the developers of FortNite have said more maps will be added to the game, just “not now”.

It will take some time to determine which game is taking a better view. But at the moment it seems fair to say that those who are looking for long-lasting stress matches with different types of risks should choose them for different types of riks while finding some more inherent and fast pace Those who like Fortnite can choose single, densely-packed island. PUBG vs Fortnite Review

PUBG vs Fortnite Gameplay

In both of these games there are war royals, and as a result, they feel quite similar in terms of gameplay and goal: Whatever takes place in the form of a map, it revolves around you. Whether you prefer playing alone with a friend or with a group of your friends, both titles will give you this option.

But there are big differences, the first of these are weapons and goods. The key to the Royale game weapons and objects in any battle is key, but Fortnite vs PUBG take a slightly different approach for them.

Due to its character being adaptable to realistic scenes and big maps, PbG has more items and weapons than Fortnite. It is not that Fornit is small on a weapon – there is a limit to choose from, and the epic games have said that it will add more in the future; In fact, recently added a minigun to the mix. But its system is less complete, complex and deeper than gab and fans of serious shooters find it less satisfying.

Another big difference between the game is that Fortnite contains building elements – something that is probably more in the game and the practical thanks to the in-game game of small games. PUBG vs Fortnite Review

PUBG vs Fortnite Review

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When the game map falls to the point where things are coming closer, Fortnite Players can use all the construction items they have picked up during the match so that they can form structures that give them a safety or convenient point. However, it is worth noting that all the cover in Fortnite can be destroyed.

In some ways, it encourages the players to finally face each other and eliminate things. When you’re making something, it’s hard to hide on a small color game map, in particular, so other players can be found and found. You certainly can not make anything, but if you have received high ground for other players then you can run the risk of loss.

Due to its construction mechanic, the Fortnite match is more direct in its closing moments, though not always.

In PUBG, when the map has diminished, players should use the world around them to cover high ground or duck. Generally, there are more stress and stressful cases in PUBG matches.

Because you can not create your own comfort point or security, you will have to go quickly to a beneficial situation or you will die. And because you can not use the structures created by the player to pinpoint the locations of other players safely, so the possibility of someone hidden in a abandoned house is too much for you to attack. PUBG vs Fortnite Review

This means that the PUBG players are very cautious and the matches can last a long while feeling more intense in their last moments.

PUBG vs Fortnite Update frequency

Both games are well maintained and updated, but PUBG has been very slow compared to Fortnite to add new things to the game in recent months. While Fortnite is pushing changes and adding features continuously in every few weeks, PUBG has been slowing down lately.

Although some of these are probably below for a small development team, but this fact has not helped with the fact that in the recent months most of the team’s focus is on banning sport from cheating. So far, more than one lakh players have been banned.

Blhuol has apologized to PUBG players for this and has said that the details of the exciting new features of the 2018 roadmap will be released in March.

PUBG vs Fortnite Who has more players?

When you are playing online multiplayer games, then naturally you want to see a highly populated lobby.

At a certain point, however, specific numbers are meaningless. As long as the game is popular, you are going to face the players to fight and run. This is where we are at present with the battlefield of the unknown and the Fortnite. No matter what game you go to, you will find an active and large playerbasebase.

However, it is probably worth noting how trends are swinging at this time. Fortnite has recently witnessed an explosive growth. Between December 2017 and January 2018, it managed to achieve its 10 million players, making the player a player of 40 million. In early February 2018, it emerged that the game has collected 3.4 million concurrent users. The number of streams away from FortNews and Pubg has also increased.

In December 2017, however, PB managed to kill 3 million concurrent users, and in January 2018 it emerged that the Xbox One version of this game has more than 4 million users. You will understand, then, why are we saying that player numbers and popularity may not be the crew behind the final decision you made? PUBG vs Fortnite Review

PUBG vs Fortnite Platform

At present, PUBG is available on PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android, while the ForSnite PC, IOS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can be played on.

Performance seems to be very consistent in the console for PC and PC (perhaps at least, for Fortune’s big budget and development team), PUBG has been criticized for its performance on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

However, it should be noted that patches are being issued to address this address so that the game console performance should be improved over time. Whether or not the PlayStation 4 will be ported to the port, it is not confirmed, but it is not impossible.

The PC is a good choice for any game, but those who prefer console gaming, they definitely should see Fortnite at this time.

Both titles have now come on mobile. Let’s talk more about it.

PUBG vs Fortnite Mobile experience

Both FortNite and Pubgbs have gone mobile and this is a new level on which you want to jump.

The mobile version of Fortnite was announced earlier and it is currently only available on iOS (a full iOS launch and an Android version will come a few months below the line after some testing).

Not long after this PUBG mobile release on both iOS and Android worldwide.

Both games are free with in-app purchases and both provide a full experience of both console and PC counterparts. Naturally, there are some small differences in terms of visual and touchscreen controls, but they seem to pile in terms of features.

There are some small but significant differences because PUBG supports iOS 9 and iPhone 5s and new, while Fortnite asks for iOS 11 and iPhone 6S or SE and newer. As well as being supported by 500 Android devices, it also means that PUBG is also open for more Apple users. PUBG also supports mobile voice chat where Fortnite does not. PUBG vs Fortnite Review

Although the games themselves are largely similar, but at this time PUBG is definitely the ease of accessibility gains.

PUBG vs Fortnite Price

If you are a full combat royale newbie, then you may be pleased to know that the Fortnite’s Battle Royale Base game is free-to-play on all platforms, so this is a great way to immerse your toes in style.

Epic Games has taken a service approach to its title – game free-to-download and updates are often, in which many changes are based on the player’s reaction.

With the base game free, there are definitely the options to pay. Players can buy season passes, which provide in-game awards and provide cosmetic loot prizes to players who meet daily challenges.

War pass is really worth the money only if you are willing to plug in the game for some time, the more you play, unlock the more rewards. However, it does not give any benefit to other players because Epic Games has promised that any item purchased will never give a competitive advantage.

PUBG takes a spoiled cret approach, allowing players to buy crates with random cosmetic items which differ in their rarity. You can buy these crates by using earned in-game money through the game. Keys are required to unlock some crates and these keys can be purchased only with real money.

Recent changes in the game have made this system even more enjoyable. Where once was a 40 percent chance of being one of those people at random random cret drop, which you have to buy from real money, Blahol has reduced it by 20 percent. Now the players have more chance to get a free-to-open crease, but if they want, they will also be given a new opportunity to buy Fever Crater. PUBG vs Fortnite Review

Pubg can be purchased from Steam and Xbox at £ 24.99 / $ 29.99 / AU $ 39.95.

So, what should I play?

On the surface, the fornite and Pubg are very similar games. They are both war royals, they both allow you to play alone or with others, they both facilitate the reduction of the map and the final goal is to become a permanent player.

However, they provide very different experiences on closer inspection and it is entirely dependent on player priority which is a better one. Both have large scale players, so you can call any of them badly. They just do different appeals.

If you are looking for colorful aesthetics, accessibility and fun on the console, then Fort Knight is the one to choose. This is definitely a good starting option for people unfamiliar with the concept of war royals – not only that it is free, it is easy to catch up with and it is a more comfortable experience in its small matches. PUBG vs Fortnite Review

Players are looking for something more serious on the other side of the battlefield of the unknown. Its spectacular scenes, long-standing matches, large maps and more complex weapons and item systems mean that you will take longer to learn and play. For serious shooter fans who prefer realism and accuracy, PUBG chicken takes dinner.

Whatever you choose, just prepare yourself for a lot of stress and know that any victory will be hard work.

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