TOP 7 Tips & Tricks iPhone X – You NEED to KNOW!

TOP 7 Tricks iPhone X

TOP 7 Tricks iPhone X – People are getting quite crazy about the iPhone X. If someone is sitting on the mare with a bandwagon and is in the process of buying a phone,

then someone is ready to sleep on the road for a phone overnight. Well if you have an iPhone X or you are going to buy this iPhone then you must know these 7 tricks of this phone.

TOP 7 Tricks iPhone X do not know if there is no use to buy phones

How to take a screenshot?

In the iPhone X, there may be some problem for taking a screenshot, because the first iPhone used to take screenshots with the help of the Home button but the new iPhone does not have a Home button. Then press the iPhone X side button and the volume up button together to take a screenshot.

How to go back to the home screen?

This phone does not have a Home button, so to go to the home screen of the phone, scroll down from the bottom of the phone screen.

How to turn off any app?

If you want to close all apps at once, swipe up from the home of the phone and hold for a few seconds until the app switcher launches. Then you will get the option to turn off one app.

TOP 7 Tricks iPhone X

How to restart the phone when hanging or app crashes?

If this iPhone has frequent crashes or hangs in the app, then the phone has to be restarted. For this, press the lock button and volume up simultaneously and then leave it. After this, you will get the option to restart

How to activate Siri?

By the way, Siri is activated when the Siri speaks but you can turn Siri on the iPhone X by pressing the side button in a few seconds. If, by mistake, seri is activated, you can go to the home screen by swiping the top of the phone screen.

How to see YouTube videos in Infinity mode

There is also a special feature in this phone that if you are watching a video on YouTube, you can also watch the video with Infinity Display. Zoom to the fingers for this.

How to activate a face ID?

For this, go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode. Then the phone’s camera will be turned on. Adjust your face now and set it in the circular frame. After this, turn the head towards the clock direction for final verification. Just the face ID will be set.


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